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    Journal of Humanities Community Empowerment Published every 4 months, namely April, August, and December. The main thought development targeted is the research-based Journal of Community Service such as:

    • Participatory Action Research,
    • Asset-Based Community Development,
    • Community-Based Research,
    • Service Learning,
    • Community Development.
    • MSME Development
    • Digital Marketing and E-commerce Development
    • Human Resource Empowerment.
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    Journal of Humanities Community Empowerment Adalah Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat  menerbitkan artikel hasil kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat dalam berbagai bidang untuk membantu dosen, guru, perguruan tinggi, sekolah, dan masyarakat dalam meningkatkan keilmuan, inovasi, maupun kesejahteraan.


    Journal of Humanities Community Empowerment is a Journal of Community Service that publishes articles from community service activities in various fields to help lecturers, teachers, universities, schools, and the community in improving science, innovation, and welfare.

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