Information on publication schedule


Journal of Humanities Community Empowerment Published every 3 months, namely March, June, September and December.

This Scientific Periodical is a scientific publication in the field of community service and empowerment with coverage in the fields of:

  • Asset-Based Community Development,
  • Community-Based Research,
  • Service Learning,
  • Community Development.
  • Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Cooperatives, Creative Industries, and MSMEs
  • Digital Marketing and E commerce Development
  • Human Resource Empowerment.
  • Increasing public knowledge in the field of Law
  • Improving human quality through Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan
  • Increasing public knowledge in the IT field
  • Development of environmentally sound technology
  • Increasing the nation's competitiveness through human resource development
  • Poverty alleviation based on local resources
  • Management of rural and coastal areas based on local wisdom